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"Thanks Philippa. Really appreciate it. Enjoyed Thursday a lot." (Outlook/Excel/Word) (Kate, January 2019)

"Anna will be taking over my role but we will be in touch with you in future ... Many thanks for all your work on this" (Excel) (Woodfords, May 2017)

"The course was very useful thank you, your manuals will be invaluable to refresh our memories when we don’t get to use the program as often as we should" (Project) July 2016

"I enjoyed yesterday Thank you. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the atmosphere was calm, I didn’t feel rushed and it went a steady pace.

Also thanks for your quick response to the query I will use this now in my workplace." (Excel 2010) (Mark, Kier, November 2015)

"I really will miss you and will miss your teaching. Thanks for teaching me so much different computer lessons. I hope to practice what you have taught me. I think it’s important to learn computers and have computer knowledge. It has helped me and will help me if I need to work in an office in the future. God bless you for teaching me... " (Beginner Computer Skills 2013, Windows 8) (Refugee Centre, Exeter, January 2015)

"I just wanted to extend my thanks for the recent training that you have done with us. The feedback has been excellent " (Excel 2007) (Devinit, Bristol, July 2014)

"Phillipa was an extremely good teacher – open and honest and happy to be challenged. She interacted with all of us and moved around the room to deal with everyone’s queries. " (Anna)

"Philippa was an excellent presenter. She taught as a group and provided assistance on a one to one basis whenever anyone got lost or needed help. She was very pleasant, very approachable and most of all patient. " (Shivana)

"We all enjoyed the training session, you worked at a pace that we could follow and we found the topics covered pertinent to our day to day use of Word. We are delighted to have learned so much, I am sure that it will help us to work quicker and more efficiently! I am sure we will be contacting you again to arrange the next tier.
With huge thanks again " (Word 2013) (Chilcotts, Honiton, October 2013)

"...thanks for an enjoyable and informative day yesterday. ( just been singing your praises)" (Excel 2007) (Andy, Kier, July 2013)

"PAB computer training run by Pillippa was a blessing for me as getting on a course is difficult with my occupation.I found Philipa was very helpful on such a large subject and she had her hands full with myself being a complete beginner, it has all dropped into place with the last lesson i had, but still a long way to go, well worth keeping in touch and future tutorials, cheers Phillippa" (Paul, Dreamweaver, Cornwall) Yell.com review, January 2013

"Thank you for all of your instruction; the day was most beneficial. " (Access 2010) (Paula, Bristol, August 2012)

"Thank you so much for the training yesterday. It will make a big difference for me going forward " (Word 2010, Outlook 2010, Windows 7) (VCA, Bristol, July 2012)

"Thank you so much for the time you spent with us on Tuesday. You gave us precisely the kind of initial training that we wanted and needed. Everyone I have spoken to was delighted with the day. You handled the session in such a professional manner, pushing and encouraging at the same time. The day was structured so well. leading up to the exercise in the afternoon. I would be delighted to endorse you to anyone thinking of calling on your services." (PowerPoint) (Diocese of Exeter, Ashwater, June 2012)

"I had a very productive morning with Philippa working on various projects, mainly within Publisher, but we also touched on some of the other features of Microsoft 2010 in general. We worked at my pace throughout the morning so I never felt rushed at all. A useful handbook at the end too!" (Maynard School, Exeter, March 2012)

"I would like to recommend this company.I recently did a one to one course in Dremweaver Web Design with Philippa. It was very helpful. I had been feeling stuck in my progress and needed to ask specific questions, rather than having a general training, I wanted a bespoke training to get to the bottom of these problems. Philippa came to my house and gave me her full attention. She listerned to what I wanted and focused in on my specific requirements. She was patient and easy to be with. Her follow up service was excellent and she completed all that we started. Philippa also work with me on creating a challenging website and was great to work with. If there is any new challenges she takes them on with enthusiasm.Thanks for all your help! " (Web Site Design) Yell.com review, February 2012)

"I just wanted to thank you for the training session on Friday. I really enjoyed the day and am delighted with what we achieved. I’m certainly more confident using dreamweaver now." (Web Site Design) (Rosemary, January 2011)

"I found the training very useful, very good to have it 1 to 1 so could focus on what I needed & go at my pace." (Excel) (Glynis, November 2010)

"Very glad to meet you. All of us have a good time with you during the three weeks Best wishes for you. Thanks" (Business English, YangYang and colleagues, Renmin Uni, Beijing, August 2010)

"The training I got with you ensured that a lot of things fell into place and I've felt much more able to progress things since. Thanks" (Web Site Design) (Paul, March 2010)

"Very well presented course. I particularly like its interactive nature with the opportunity to ask quesitons. Also one to one approach by the lecturer....." (Excel) (Jo, February 2010)

"The excel formla training and the intermediate tasks test was the most beneficial during the training. The trainer enhanced my understanding of the basic principles of formulas. Additionally the test enabled me to assess my ability in Excel." (Tina, February 2010)

"It was good as we were a small team... I really enjoyed this - I like the workbooks to refer to... very helpful ... all beneficial, especially PowerPoint" (Sue, Fiona,Fran, February 2010)

"The training you gave to Carolyn and me was very helpful and I can’t think of anything you could do to improve your services. We will certainly use you again!" (Alison, August 2009)

"I just want to say thank you very much for the training. The skills you taught me will be very useful in managing our database." (Andrew, August 2009)

"Philippa offers great value for money with her bespoke 1:1 training courses. I was especially pleased that she was able to offer effective Excel training with elements from basic, intermediate and advanced courses. " (Adrian, June 2009)

"What splendid work you have done on our paper! Its quality and intelligibility has improved a lot. Thank you for your thorough and painstaking proofreading. " (Eva, Hungary, April 2009 - proofreading)

"I have recently had one to one training from Philippa and would definitely recommend her training to others. We covered a lot in a relatively short space of time and I came away feeling confident about using PowerPoint and Excel. The training was tailored to cover what I needed to learn and was well put together and explained clearly. " (Julia, Feb 2009)

"I found the website design course to be a valuable and relaxed way in which to spend two days. The one-to-one tuition was superb. I would recommend bristol computer training to anyone interested in furthering their computer education." (Redland Dental Practice, Nov 2008)

"Great training from Philippa, who doesn't mind explaining things twice!!" (Emma, Bristol, Oct 2008)

"The Dreamweaver training i received from Philippa Benjamin was excellent. Philippa went through the programme and workbook at a pace that suited me and made it very easy to understand. The workbook is very comprehensive and easy to follow when back in the work place.The days training was worth while, and Philippa is very approachable and supportive." (Lloyds TSB, Sept 2008)

"The training and assistance I received from Phillipa at Bristol Computer Training has significantly improved my knowledge of MS Project, and has made a big impact to my work. I attended the course with no prior knowledge of MS Project, and since finishing the course I have been able to create new projects correctly, present them in exactly the way the client requests, successfully manage my resources, amend my projects, and provide accurate and proffessional reports on all aspects of the project. The information information on the course was simple, easy to understand and relevant to my work. Phillipa even covered other aspects of MS Project not listed in the course material at my request. Thank you Phillipa". (Simon, Hertel, July 2008)

"I found the training to be practical and informed giving me an in-depth and workable understanding of Excel. The session was formed around my specific working needs making the course extremely useful on a day to day basis."(Greg, NHS, July 2008)

"A well put together package, well paced and matched to the skills of the class" (Ian, CVD, June 2008)

"The instructor was very good, very informative. Understanding to the weakest candidate's needs" (Phill)
"Very patient, took each individual at their pace. Applied course to students' needs" (Denise)
(Highways Agency, Bristol, November 2007)

"Good, you have the patience of a saint "
(Ian, BS16, July/August 2007)

"Easy to understand, well thought out training. We all found it extremely useful"
(Matt, Clifton, August 2007)

"Thanks again for the great training "
(Sarah, Bristol, March 2007)

"Being of a slightly nervous disposition I was put at ease by Philippa" (Julia, Bristol)

"I would certainly recommend Philippa to any student"
"Friendly" and "Knowledgeable"
"Exceptional value for money" (Caroline, Swindon, 2006)

"Very good training "
"Nice and Helpful" (Matt, Bristol, 2006)

"Polite and very understanding"
"The information was very helpful" (Pat, Bristol, 2006)

"Training was excellent"
"...I need more..."
(John, Bristol)

"The training fulfilled my expectations ...I now feel a more competent user
"Clear explanations ...Friendly" (Sally, Bristol, 2005)

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