If you need to store customer or product information you need look no further than Microsoft Access Database. Learn in one day how to design and create a database and find selected contacts or products using a range of specified query criteria.

Tell me what you need, what level, or mix and match levels - I will prepare training just for you, for the duration you want.


  • Introduction to Microsoft Access
  • Crossover from another version of Access
  • Starting an Access database
  • Creating a table in design view and setting data types
  • Table Properties
  • Importing Excel data
  • Setting and using a primary key
  • Entering data
  • Creating and using a form using the wizard
  • Creating and using Select Queries in Design view
  • Creating and using a report using the wizard


  • More on Table Properties
  • Input Masks and Validation rules
  • Lookup Wizards - creating drop down lists in your table
  • Setting one to one and one to many relationships
  • Setting filters
  • More on Select Query criteria
  • Duplicate and Delete Queries
  • Using Parameters in your queries
  • Customising your form - adding extra fields, backgrounds, colours
  • Editing your report and adding new data
  • Switchboard manager and startup


  • Cross-tab and other queries
  • Calculation queries
  • Function queries
  • Creating, editing and running Macros
  • Custom forms
  • More on forms and subforms- properties, options, buttons
  • More on reports - properties, options, buttons
  • Advanced Relationships - joins
  • Lookups and hyperlinks
  • Setting Protection and security
  • Password control forms and reports
  • Introduction to the Visual Basic Editor
  • Enhance your database with some basic VBA
  • Finding and using Visual Basic in your database

If you would like a detailed Access Database Course Content Sheet I can design a course just for you.

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