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Covid-19 Update

21st December 2020

I still have some availability for on-line Computer and Elocution training.

Remote lessons will take place via Zoom. I will send training material and oversee the lesson from my home office. For Computer training this will be done using Zoom's Share function, which means I will be able to see your Excel screen.

I can check your work in real time and help verbally with any problems as they arise. To demonstrate or give ongoing help I can share my screen in order to assist visuallly.

We can communicate in advance of the lesson, either by email or a chat via Zoom to discuss your requirements.

Recommended Duration:

Computer Lesson: 1-3 hours £35 ph/£60 for 2 hours

Elocution lesson: 1-2 hours £35 ph/£60 for 2 hours

In the meantime, if you need help with anything please contact me and I will address any additional queries or concerns.

Computer Screen

Computer Training

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